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2nd “International Day of Yoga in Osh State University”

June 21, students and staff of international medical faculty, organized and carried out the event devoted to the World Yoga Day. As part of the planned events took place in two locations: 1 In a boarding house “Umut” Osh State University on the shore of Issyk-Kul, where data passes the days summer research camp. 2 The stadium im.Suyunbaeva city of Osh, where townspeople gathered. The action was organized with the support of the Embassy of India. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root Yohji or Yuca, having many meanings, “team”, “exercise”, “curb”, “Connect”, “togetherness”, “Us”, “harmony”, “alliance”, etc. .. n For the first time found in the “Rig Veda” – the oldest surviving monuments of Indian literature. Yoga (virgins योग.) – A concept in Indian culture, in the broadest sense, means the totality of the various spiritual, mental and physical practices developed in different directions of Hinduism and Buddhism and aimed at the management of mental and physiological functions of the body in order to achieve individual sublime spiritual and mental state . In a narrower sense, yoga – this is one of the six orthodox schools (darshan) philosophyиндуизма. fotofoto2IMG_5966IMG_5967IMG_5968IMG_5970IMG_5975IMG_5976IMG_5977IMG_5979IMG_5980IMG_5981