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60 years of Osh State University

60 years of Osh State University



The announcement!


The celebrations devoted to worthy carrying out of the 60 anniversary of the Osh state university which overall objective is propagation of achievements in the sphere of education, sciences and in preparation of competent shots, the main achievements of Osh state university during a globalization epoch under the motto «Through unity – to new heights of formation, scientific researches and creativity». Carrying out is included In the plan of anniversary actions:

The international scientifically-practical conference «Actual problems and prospects of a development of education, a science» in October, 2011;

Competitions «Best faculty», «the Best chair», «the Best lecturer», «the Best teacher», «the Best educational-methodical complex», «the Best student», «the Best post-graduate student», «the Best laboratory and an office»;

Competition of “60 best graduates of Osh state university»

Competition «Coevals of Osh state university»;

Scientifically-practical conference of students;

The student’s Olympic Games;

«Science week» at faculties and at university;

Exhibitions of achievements of a science, formation and creativity;

Within the limits of subjects «Osh state university during a globalization epoch»:

1) «Festival of friendship of the nations» in Osh state university;

2) Presentations of the international projects;

Festival of student’s amateur performances, competitions «Best classroom», «Mr. OshSU», “Ms. OshSU”;

Festival of high schools of the south of the country «Sulajman-Too»;

Professors-teaching staff competition «teachers» Sing;

Sports competitions;

«Osh state university day in Osh, Batken and Dzhalal-Abad areas» for pupils of graduation classes of schools and other actions.

Dear teachers, employees and students, graduates and compatriots, pupils and parents! We invite you to take active part in the actions devoted to the 60 anniversary by Osh state university.