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Department of History

The head of the department “History” Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Avazov Ernis Abdimanapovich

Adress: Kyrgyz Republic, Jalal-Abad ul. Lenin -57, building 2, aud. №321
Phone: 996 771 11 11 11
E-mail: ernis-ist @ mail. ru

The Department “History” is a structural, educational, methodical and scientific subdivision of Jalal-Abad State University, which carries out educational, educational, research, and extracurricular activities among students.

In 1996, the Department of Universal History was established. Since April 1996, the department was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor K. Aidarkulov. In connection with the restructuring of the department divided the department “History of the Fatherland”. (28. 01. 2005, No. 14.) The head of the department is appointed Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor E. Zh. Sulaimanov. Since 2011, in connection with the restructuring of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, the department began to be called “History” (Pr. Rector on the opening of the Department No. 87 dated. 12. 03. 2011.) Since March 2011, the department was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor S. BUT. Smadiyarov. By order of the rector of Zhagu (order No. 1/169 of 1.09.2011), this post is appointed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor E.A. Avazov who in 2016 was elected to this position on a competitive basis.

The purpose of the department:

Satisfaction of cultural and educational needs of the individual and society based on the implementation of educational and professional programs of higher education at various levels.


Improving the teaching and learning activities of the faculty, improving learning technologies to develop the creative potential of the student’s personality and their capabilities, conducting educational work among students, spreading knowledge among the population.

Educational activities:

Currently, the Department of History provides training in the direction of 550,400 Socio-economic education (bachelor degree), training profile: History. Training in the direction of 550,400. Social and economic education started in 2012.

The department ensures the conduct of academic disciplines: “Domestic history” for all areas of natural-technical, economic-legal, medical, pedagogical, philological faculties and the institute of continuing education.

Centers, classrooms, laboratories: There are 4 classrooms and a historical and ethnographic museum at the department.

Teaching staff: The department consists of 11 full-time teachers, 4 part-time teachers. Of them:

  1. Candidates of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor –5
  2. senior teachers -2
  3. teachers – 3
  4. assistants of the department – 1.

List of faculty members


Avazov Ernis Abdymanapovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Aidarkulov Kadyrkul Aidarkulovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Ertayldy Zholdoshevich Sulaimanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Halmatov Kudrat Avduvahapovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Bakyt Uraimov, Ph.D., associate professor

Eshkozhoev Topchaly Ybyraimovich

Atabekova Sharapat Batyrbekovna

Rysbaeva Zhamila Tulunovna

Toktogulov Abdimamat Aliyarovich

Myrzabaeva Nurzhamal Sasalimovna

Anarbekova Venera Erkinbekovna

The main teaching aids of teaching staff of the department:

Every year, the department carries out work to update the programs and educational complexes in accordance with the new achievements of domestic and foreign science. In a number of disciplines, teaching aids have been prepared and are actively used in the classroom.

  1. Sulaimanov E. Kyrgyzstan tarikhy. “Tarikh” emes adictikter uchun okku-usulduk koldonmo, testtik syuk suroolor. Kyrgyz-orus tilderde. Jalal-Abad, 2013.
  2. Sulaimanov E., Berdyhodzhaev K., Uraimov B., Eshkozhoev T. Orusiya taryhyy. 1- to. “Taryh” adistiginda okugan student uchun okuu-usulduk koldonmo, testtik syuk suroolor. Jalal-Abad, 2013.
  3. Sulaimanov E., Berdyhodzhaev K., Uraimov B., Eshkozhoev T. Orusiya taryhyy. 2-. “Taryh” adistiginda okugan student uchun okuu-usulduk koldonmo, testtik syuk suroolor. Jalal-Abad, 2013.
  4. Sulaimanov E. Taryh adistigi (buturuuchulor uchun okuu-usulduk koldonmo. – Jalal-Abad, 2012 ..
  5. Khalmatov K., Avazov E. Ata Meken tarykhy. JAIC okutuchulyury jean student student ери үүn okuu usluduk koldonmo-Jalal-Abad 2014.
  6. Sulaimanov E., Sulaimanova E., Avazov E., Khalmatov K. Ata Meken Tarikhy (Kyrgyzstan) (“Tarykh” Ames Adisticter Uchun Okuu-Usulduk Koldonmo, Testtik Son-Suroolor). – Jalal-Abad, 2016
  7. Halmatov KA, Avazov E.A.Musey-archivik practice. OUK .; Adaptedlik-pedagogikalyk practice OUK .; Kesiptik-Bazalyk OAK practice .; Kesyptic Profildic OAK practice .; Jalal-Abad- 2017

Directions of scientific research of the department

Research work is carried out on topical issues in the framework of the university scientific direction “History of the socio-political and cultural life of Kyrgyzstan” “and initiative topics

Candidate dissertation job seekers

  1. Avazov E.A.
  2. Uraimov B.M.

Candidate thesis applicants

  1. Myrzabayeva N.S.
  2. Anarbekov V.E.

The department maintains constant creative contacts with colleagues from leading and regional universities and CIS countries. The faculty of the department made scientific reports at international, republican and regional scientific conferences. Scientific conferences and seminars are held on the basis of the department, dissertation reviews are given. Members of the department are involved in the promotion of historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan.

Historical and Ethnographic Museum was established with the opening of the department of “Universal History” in 1996. The museum collects rare specimens of monuments in archeology, ethnography, as well as rare specimens of monuments in archeology, ethnography, as well as rare materials on the history of the Kyrgyz people. These materials are used by teachers as visual aids when conducting classes in the subjects “Archeology”, “Ethnography”, and “History of Kyrgyzstan”. Since the exhibited materials in the museum are new, unpublished, they are explored by teachers, researchers and undergraduates. Thus, the Historical and Ethnographic Museum is the center of scientific research and training. Every year the museum is replenished with historical exhibits.

The necessary conditions have been created for students to undergo adaptation-pedagogical, professional-base, museum-archival and professional-profile practices, which are also conducted on a contractual basis in the relevant institutions of the city and region:

archival practice is carried out in the region. archive and mountains. archive;

museum practice held in the region. a museum;

The students practice their teaching practice in the city and district schools, also in accordance with the agreements. Especially close contacts with interns are supported by such schools in the city as School No. 5, School No. 9, School No. 4, heads of the above-mentioned educational institutions give good reviews about the students and consider cooperation with the Department of History mutually beneficial.

The department operates a circle of history lovers under the leadership of K. Berdyhojaev. Members of the circle actively participate in student scientific events, Olympiads and are involved in the work on the collection of museum exhibits. Students historians take part in the intellectual game “Bilerman Ordo”, “Daanyshman” and provided prizes, were awarded with diplomas of 2 degrees and cups of the city of Jalal-Abad.

The main publications of the department:


Aidarkulov K., Myrzabayeva N.S., Anarbekova V.E. Cat-insanda esker genres. Jalal-Abad 2014.

Halmatov K.A. Myrzakul bolush: Ilimiy Taryyy essay. Jalal-Abad, 2014.

Avazov E.A. Anzhyan kөtөrүlүshү jana Chyybul bolush, Jalal-Abad, 2014.

Avazov E.A. Anzhyan kөtөrүlүshү Fergana өrөөnүndөgү azattyk kүrөshtөrүnүn tarykhynan, Osh, 2016.

Latest Articles:

Rallies, EA Colonial authorities after the Andijan uprising measures to stabilize the socio-political situation // Bulletin of the University (2014), No. 4, p 87-91 .; Research into the Andijan uprising in the post-Soviet era Historiographic (review) // Bulletin of the University (2014), No. 4, 82-86 p .; Three flights from research Andijanskogo vosstaniya 1898 – Ferganskoy Valley // Proceedings of the national Academy of the Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serie obsçestvennıh gumanitarnıh nauk.4 (302) Almaty, 2015 S. 185-191; Fighting the release of the Fergana Basin // “History and Heritage”, türmögü.Bişkek 2015.S. 114-121 .; Pereselençeskaya policy Tsarist Ferganskoy Valley // Bulletin of National Academic Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Almaty. 2. UMN 2015. S.262-268 .; Porn son Duncan, who herself // Izvestia VUZov, 2015; Rear work of the kingdom of policy implementation in the Fergana öröönundo // Bulletin of the University (2015); İstoriografiya research Andijanskogo backgound vosstaniya 1898 Ferganskoy Valley Highway magazine // – International scientific journal (31), 2016, 2016, Tom 2.Volgograd

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Anarbekova V.E. Kut “Saga” and “Diva Lugar-Turkish word, a dream, a testament to the collection of funeral songs / BALASAGYN 1000 anniversary of historic significance: the scientific – practical conference. – “History and Heritage” feed. – Bishkek, 2016. – pp 373-376; UNODC Kirgizov ~ kalmıtsskih zavoevateley. // (Highway magazine. International scientific journal). Tom 2.Volgograd, 2016 – 51-54 – page .; Colt with the study of historical sources and the hero of the Chinese people entering lamentation / Tailak hero of the War: On the outskirts of troops (Tailak Ryskul 220 anniversary of his son). Epic great poet and safety Çorobaevdin dedicated to the 120-year anniversary of the People’s Republic scientific-practical conference. “History and Heritage” türmögü.Bişkek, 2016. pp 35-39; Kokand khanate Tailak heroic period of political activity chant poems Pronunciation / Moscow, 2016.-3235-lp. My father is a hero of folk creativity / basement is dedicated to the 20 anniversary of the International Conference of the Institute for Innovation in Science and New Technologies // Kyrgyzstan. – Bishkek, 2016. – republican nauçno- theoretical journal – No.8. Pp 224-226

Archive konferentsiyah, simpoziumah seminarah

Sulaiman-Too “symbol of the world and the soglasiya” scientific conference. Oş. 2015.

Son Isaac Slade Polothan: Freedom gosudarstvennost Respublikanskaya scientific conference. 17.04. 2015. Batman

Kyrgyz Khanate in Central Asia within the framework of Turkish statehood in the Middle Ages: the Great built on the 1170 anniversary of the Kyrgyz arnalganII international scientific conference;

Karahan Khanate and robust TRACE III international scientific-practical conference;

China was the epic life of the great works of the epic Joseph Rizzo creative heritage scientific meeting;

BALASAGYN: scientific – practical conference dedicated to the 1000th anniversary.

Q tselyu realiziatsiyu decrees, the President of the Republic, “Oh, Gueant Learning uglubleniyu In istoriçeskogo kulturnogo Sulaiman Naroda and local formirovaniyu Louis plc Day patriotism,” Three years Godoy and Cultures »2016 Office prinimayut construction aktivnoe e konferentsiyah organizavannom Foundation” Heritage “and the International obşestvennım obedineniem Historical Society.