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A teacher of the department “Anatomy, Histology and Normal Physiology” visited the boarding house for the elderly “Boorukerdik”

Lecturer of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Normal Physiology Pirmatova Alina together with her curatorial group 2 courses of group 10 “A” on October 4, 2018, visited the orphanage “Boorukerdik” in honor of the elderly day. Students took this with great initiative and responsibility. Together with the curator they bought warm socks for the elderly and sweets for the pupils of the orphanage. Upon arrival at the boarding school, the students wished to inspect their living conditions and personally distribute the hotels to everyone. And the elder of the Prashant Joshi group sang a song for them in their native language to a storm of applause and applause. After the performance, our students talked directly with the elderly and measured blood pressure as future doctors. They, in turn, were very pleased with such attention from the guys. “Having a grandmother and grandfather is such wealth. Unfortunately, I don’t have them and I don’t understand those who refuse them, ”says Prashant. After the mini-concert was over, the guys did not want to leave for a long time, because during the time they were there they managed to make friends and make friends. The wards and pupils of the boarding house “Boorukerdik” were extremely happy and grateful to the guests. The visit of students to the boarding house “Boorukerdik” did not leave any of them indifferent. They were so imbued with the residents of the rehabilitation center that they decided to visit them more often. Also, the idea was set to “help Boorukerdik” pupils to improve their English. Such events are extremely necessary for all of us, as they form an outlook-oriented worldview that helps to become kinder.