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A visit to DAGKO Osh State University practical training of new assistant teachers of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2”

According to the order of Osh State University No. 768 of August 13, 188, representatives of the DAGKO department A.T. Sultanova, S.T. Atakulov, G.A. Sooronbaev visited the classes of the new assistant instructors of the department VD Tursunov, J.A. Abdirasulova , A. Z. Tuibaev, A. Tilenov, S. A. Bakirov, T. Alizhan uulu. During the organization of practical exercises, members of the commission paid special attention to the teaching methods, the quality of the development of regulatory documentation (work program, syllabus and plans for the notes for each lesson), as well as the competence of this assistant teacher to work at the Faculty of Academic Physics of Osh State University. In the course of the open lesson, the contestants tried to apply various interactive teaching methods to master the topic in order to achieve the RO theme to form the subject’s PC. In the end, representatives DAGKO together with the head. kaf “Clinical disciplines 2” Ph.D., associate professor M.M. Bugubayeva and teaching assistants discussed the practical training of each, noting their advantages and disadvantages, since the teacher at Osh State University must have professional qualities and comply with modern requirements of the educational sphere competence approach. Strengthening the focus of the educational process on the student is one of the most important global trends in the development of modern higher education. Later, the department members expressed their best wishes to assistants and constantly working to improve the quality of teaching in the department through continuous improvement of their qualifications, competence, professionalism, motivation, and support for creative initiative.