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Analysis of the results – determining the residual level of knowledge

Analysis of the results – determining the residual level of knowledge
According to the developed faculty work plan for the 2016-17 academic year, from September 16-20 at the international section of the Faculty of Medicine was conducted to determine the knowledge level of residual knowledge. Students 2,4,6 – courses take the test on the basis of computer-based testing center. Chairman of UMC, assistant professor Turusbekova AK, were approved by the questions prepared by the departments. Responsible for the 2-course was the chair “DHD”, under the guidance of assistant professor Nishanova AA, 4-course – Chair “morphological disciplines” Professor Belov GV, 6 -Course department “” Clinical disciplines “, Associate Professor Mamatova SM and “Public health”, Associate Professor AK Turusbekova results of the analysis of knowledge cut
Analysis of determining the residual level of knowledge


2 – course – 57% high-quality performance

4 – course – 36% high-quality performance

6 – course – 14% high-quality performance


From these results, we can draw the following conclusions: 1 Slow performance on older years. Recommend departments to strengthen further work among students. 2 Good results for the lower classes. Recommended – to continue the work in the right direction. “The creation last year of a new international medical faculty, with English the language of instruction, led to a significant increase in the quality of teaching and students’ understanding of the knowledge gained that demonstrates this slice of knowledge. These results are encouraging and confirms the correctness of the chosen university policy in the field of education exports” – said Dean of the Faculty Kalmatov RK