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“ANATOMICUM”, December, 2019: decade, HAS FINAL DAY

Teachers decade 6th Day (10.12.19) Awe Ashimov object of Normal Anatomy “Overview of GIS. Oral cavity. Tongue. Palatine. Glands “the theme of the year eng-20-19 1 team organized Lesson 1, para. 2-bribery training Timur Payzildaev object of Normal Physiology “Body temperature. Mechanism of thermoregulation. “On the topic of the 2-year eng 11-18 team, the object of normal physiology classes. During the open session related to the subject of various teaching methods: practical work, working in small groups, question and answer, etc. Methods used. These members of the senior class M. Nuruyev, teachers D. RHD, A. Ergeshova, E. Baygaşkaev headed, K and M. Service, A. Alimbekovalar, and the lessons of special offers, fill in a form prescribed EVALUATION opinions.