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“ANATOMICUM”, December, 2019: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CURRENT achievement at the Olympics

December 18, 2019 S.Tentişev Azerbaijan “Anatomy and Physiology” subject II of the privileges of the department of higher education between the International Olympic team took the first place. To attend this event, the material provided by the university, the students: RESHI ADNAN TARIQ – eng10A-18, ABHILASHA MUDGAL – eng9B-18, SHAIK AJAZ SANIYA – eng8A-18, RAJEEV – eng12A-18, RAVI KAUSHAL – eng11A-18, okuttuuçulardan: Dzholdubayev S.Dj. (M.i.k.dotsent, team manager), Muhammad Shahzad Hurra Channel (teacher) came to defend the honor of taking part in team. Recall, the Olympic medical universities participated in a total of 9 teams.