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“ANATOMICUM”, December, 2019: Running OPEN COURSES decade

Teachers of the decade, 4th Day (07.12.19) M.Abdıraimova, Shahzad Hurra, the assistant-trainee A.Alimbekovalar held open lessons. M.Abdıraimova, Shahzad Hurra, A.Alimbekovalar object “2” Human Physiology entitled “Proteins, fats metabolism” 2-eng-10V-18 course, eng-2B-18, eng, 15b-18, the tribes “question and answer Explanation “,” “,” test “,” video “,” cards “used teaching methods and technologies. Members of the specified classes, the department N.Taşmatova lecturer, senior lecturer, M.Nuruev S.Djoldubaev, teachers, D.Toroev Asanbek. K, Dzhorobekova, U.Aşimov, E.Baygaşkaev, prices rose to T.Payzildaevder Assessment Form expert.