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“ANATOMICUM”, December 2019, to be young teachers: Decade

PhD, a professor decade 3rd Day (06.12.19) Turdumambetova Senior lecturer noted, M. Nuruyev intern, assistant editors, T. held open lessons. The object of “Clinical anatomy” Turdumambetova Noted that in the 2-year eng-2A-18 team “Clinical anatomy of vein of the Abdomen.Venouse anastomoses. Clinical anatomy of lymph vessels of the Abdomen “held on the topic IV para open class. But M. Nuruyev and editors T. “Clinical anatomy of nerves of the abdomen. Clinical anatomy of vessels of the pelvis “2-on-year, eng-20V-18 eng-5V-18 were open to bribes, groups I and III classes. An interactive method of teaching, the band is divided in two sub-groups, question and answer crossword situational work, anatomical preparations, presentations, discussion of the methodologies used. In the above classes chairs, Dzhorobekova N.Taşmatova, S.Djoldubaev, D.Toroev, Yuriy. K, U.Aşimov, T.Payzildaev, E.Baygaşkaev, assuming A.Alimbekovalar, offer opinions expressed through ASSESSMENT SHEET.