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Awarding with a diploma of I degree with the nomination “Best of the best” G. Andijan Republic of Uzbekistan

Recall that, on December 6, the I-International Student Simulation Skills Olympiad took place in the city of Andijan, Andijan Medical State University. 5 students presented our faculty: Chaurasia Divya- 4 eng 6A, Anarbaeva Akbermet-4 eng 6B, Abhishek Anand-4 eng 14 A, Chaurasia Jitendra-6 eng-9B, Piysh Mishra- 6 eng-4B, accompanied by Dean of the IMF prof. Doctor of Medicine Muratova J.K. , Ph.D., associate professor Sakibaeva K.Sh., head. Department of “Surgical disciplines with a course of traumatology” Ph.D., Arynova Z.S. Our students participated along with the winning teams of the Republican Olympiad of Uzbekistan, teams from Kazakhstan, the Higher Medical School from Bishkek. The competition consisted of homework and several stages associated with first aid in emergency conditions, techniques for displaying surgical sutures on imitations, and pediatrics.