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Awareness Of Coronavirus

Today, the department of clinical subjects 2 of the ministry of clinical sciences together with 4th year students organized a small program dedicated to the middle East Spiral Syndrome (Bvrs) – Koronavirusu (Bvrs).
Typical symptoms of bvrs include high temperature, cough and / or breathing. Pneumonia is common, but some people infected with the bvrs virus have recorded lack of symptoms. Gastroénterologičeskie symptoms, including diarrhoea, are also recorded.

During severe flow of bvrs, there may be a respiratory stop that requires mechanical ventilation of the lungs and support in intensive care.

Mortality among people with bvrs is approximately 35 per cent, although this estimate may be excessive because light cases are sometimes missed by existing systems systems.

At Present, there is no vaccine against bvrs or specific treatment. Treatment is supportive and depends on the patient’s clinical condition. 🥺😰😓🤒🥵