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“Bless my successor will declare”

“2019-year is the year of regional development and digitization of the country ” and it is part of a campaign JASU student university to associate with cultural and aesthetic “Warmth” Dance Ensemble”. The event was located in the city of Jalal-Abad University where colorful performances of talented students from all faculties and colleges were presented.

The list of participants in the event,

А.А.А. Act / Coll. Group Rooms are numbers
Justice Usenov Alimjanoviç CJSC teacher Komuz
Tinned Bazarbai FF Thu-1-17 Vibrant, vocal
Şamşidinov Samagan JAK CCM-2-18 Vocals
Bakirov Azamat ПМТФ Sk-1-17 Vocals
Yusupov Steel Mf Ldk-3-16 Vocals
Feat Nurtilek Mf Ldk-1-15 Vocals
Yusupov photos JAK FC-2-17 Vocals
Partners from the Red Cross JAK BKM k-01-17 Manas teller
Bryan Ayzirek Technical Support X-1-18 Yes
Bagyshov Orunbek Technical Support X-1-18 Yes
Tilegenova Ayday ПМТФ P-1-17 Yes
Slastnikova Zhumagul JAK MÇBB-1-17 Yes
Aitieva Chynara ПМТФ M-1-17 Yes
Abdullayeva Aizat ПМТФ P-1-18 Yes
Rachel Syrgabaev FF Thu-1-17 Yes
Pulatova Iqvalai JAK BCM-3-16 komuz
Refresh Uni FF NT-1-17 komuz
Baratov Perizat Technical Support G-1-15 komuz
His daughter grin FF OT-1-16 komuz