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Communicable Diseases Open Lesson.

December 16- 2019 at the department in the study room No. 324 Abdimomunova B.T., December 19, Mamatkulova N.M. conducted an open lesson on Infectious Diseases on the theme “Measles. Rubella”, “Scarlet fever. Mononucleosis”. At a practical lesson, pathogenesis, clinic, laboratory and instrumental data, treatment, and prevention of these diseases were discussed in detail with students. Students working in groups demonstrated their knowledge in the form of role-playing games “Doctor-Patient”, solved situational problems, and a crossword puzzle. The practicing infectious diseases doctor of the department Satybaldiev M.M. at the end of the lesson supplementing the topic, set the clinical tasks for the students and together vigorously debated. He spoke about clinical cases from his practice, differential diagnosis and complications.