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Competition “Elections of Elective Disciplines for IMF”

At the international medical faculty for 2016-2017 academic year elections of elective subjects will take place. All interested teachers need to provide syllabuses on elektives with the developed program till April 18, to the chairman of UMS Turusbekova A.K. Elections will take place from April 25 to April 30, we ask to prepare the presentations. КПВ – МЕН:the II semester – 2 credits КПВ – ОПД:the III semester – 2 credits, the III semester – 2 credits, the III semester – 4 credits, The IX semester – 2 credits, the X semester – 2 credits, the X semester – 2 credits. Day of Kyrgyz Flag On3rd-March,2016 at the international medical faculty there has taken place the festive event devoted by Day of the Kyrgyz Flag. At 8-15, the vice-president of youth committee BoykuntaHazarika has carried out a ceremonial parade of students on the perimeter. The official part in two languages – Kyrgyz and English was opened the deputy dean Sattarov A.E., and the Head Teacher of studies of department of Midinova E which was followed by the anthem of the KR. They have presented history of creation and value of the symbols represented on attribute of the Kyrgyz Republic. The speech was followed by demonstration on a flag. Then have made the congratulatory speech the Dean of the faculty Kalmatov R. K., department chair Nishanov A.A. both the chairman on seminars and symposiums of youth committee Hari of Om Nigam. Completion of action,according to the screenplay ended with expression of respect for national flag.