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Contest Mr. IMF (International Medical Faculty OshSU

Boys kindly note: there will be a competition organised by us for the boys to be the ‘Mr. IMF’. The contest will be held on 23rd feb,18 in Drama theatre. For which the criteria for the boys to participate will be:

that you must have minimum 165cm (5”5ft) height with a very good physique and good speaking skills.

These points below are to indicate how participants will be judged in the competition.
1. Introduction and greeting: in your traditional dress with a speech for 4 minutes.
2. Intellectual quotient: questions will be asked based on any situation, for which answers should be funny or very logical.
3. Enact a drama or scene: for 5 minutes topic is love or a love story.
4. Weight lifting: 16kg, how many times you can lift. (yest for physical strength).
5. Perform your talent: like singing, dance etc. for 4 minutes
Boys who are interested must enrol your names and take details of the competition only until Saturday 10th feb,18.

Students will not be entertained after Saturday.

From Madam Ainura,

Dr. Mahendra Vaishnav President Youth committee and cultural committee members.