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MD (MBBS) – Jalal Abad State University

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Course Overview

If you wish to study medicine in Kyrgyz Republic, the Faculty of Medicine of Jalal-Abad State University will be the best choice.

Faculty of Medicine – offers the most significant study block in medicine in Kyrgyz Republic. It is the legacy of the academic base and traditions of Jalalabad State University.

Course summary

Due to its competitive education and liberal costs of study Jalalabad State University Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among international students. It offers a full professional education programme, so that upon the completion of studies, graduates can successfully continue their education in the selected speciality’s residency programme or medicine field’s Masters programme in Kyrgyz Republic or in another country of the world. Students have the opportunity to study under the guidance of knowledgeable professors from universities from Kyrgyz Republic and abroad, as well as to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Eurasia and the world.

Jalalabad State University  Faculty of Medicine has created a medicine study development plan for the next five years, which has it becoming the leading centre for medical education in the Central asian region. A world’s best practice university medical study process, examination quality standards and modern teaching technology will be introduced.

Additional Information

Compared with the study of medicine at most Eurasian universities, studies at the Jalalabad State University Faculty of Medicine is more widely integrated into clinical practice than the others. Students gain a foundation in the profession at university clinical hospitals: at the Jalalabad provincial headquarters hospital, Jalalabad city hospital and other hospitals associated with the faculty of medicine.. They are the main treatment and medical science institutions in Jalalabad province. Jalalabad State University Faculty of Medicine departments not only coordinate student teaching in all clinical and theoretical medical disciplines, but also the cooperation between other countries’ universities and scientific institutes and have become scientific schools and research centres, ensuring the professional quality of Jalalabad State University  teaching staff.

Commencing from their third academic year of study, Faculty of Medicine students have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of pediatrics. Placement in patient clinical care, internal diseases, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology are also included in the teaching process where theoretical knowledge will be supplemented by practical skills.

Graduates and teaching staff of the Jalalabad State University Faculty of Medicine work successfully in Kyrgyz and foreign clinics, research institutes and in international health protection organisations.

Admission requirements

For First Year Applicants :

  • Photocopy of first 4 pages of Your International passport
  • Copy of higher Secondary School Certificate

For Migration / Credit Transfer Applicants:

Students with Migration / transfer of credit hours are accepted from other institutes, keeping in view the subjects studied at previous institute and the curriculum at Jalal-Abad State University.

Documents required:

  • Copy of first 4 pages of Your International passport
  • Copy of higher secondary school certificate
  • Academic transcripts with detail of subjects studied at previous medical institute.

Fee structure

First Semester:

All inclusive admission package: 5,500 $

It includes:

  • Invitation processing
  • Equivalency certificate fee
  • Admission
  • Tuition fee
  • Hostel
  • Food
  • Laundry
  • Transport
  • Medical insurance
  • First visa fee – 90 days
  • 2nd Visa fee – 1 year
  • Medical examination fee
  • Documents translation and notary certification
  • Airport receiving

Second semester upto 10th semester

Tuition fee: 1700$ per semester
Hostel: 300$ per semester
Mess: 500$ per semester
Laundry: 50$ per semester
Transport: 50$ per semester
Medical insurance: 50$ per semester

Visa extension fee: 200$ per year

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    One day it will be top university in kyrgyzstan. Lucky to study in this university.

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    Sir i want take admission in mbbs plz tell me fee and more detel plz call in is no. 7844814244

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    Very good

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    I want to do mbbs and i want Visa

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Start On October 1, 2020
Duration 5 Years
Level Undergraduate courses
Instution Jalal-Abad state university
Faculty / Institute Medical faculty
Medium of instruction English
Tuition fee 1st semester - All inclusive 5500$
2nd semester - 1700$
3rd semester - 1700$
4th semester - 1700$
5th semester - 1700$
6th semester - 1700$
7th semester - 1700$
8th semester - 1700$
9th semester - 1700$
10th semester - 1700$
Accomodation per semester Hostel- 300$
Food per semester 500$
Price $3,400.00

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