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Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Education

Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Mamatova gulshair tynybekovna

Adress: Kyrgyz Republic, Jalal-Abad, ul. Lenin 57. Building 2, room 2/205
Phone: 0772- 26-01-42
E-mail: [email protected]

The Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering was opened in 1993 (order No. 6 05/29/93) and renamed into the department “Informatics and Information Technologies of Education” in 2012 (order No. 1/31 of September 5, 2012).

Since the opening of the department until 2007, the department was headed by Dr. Sc., Prof. Usenov K.Zh., in the 2007-2009 academic year – Acting Associate Professor Almatova Ch.A., in 2009-2012 – Ph.D. Associate Professor Murataliyeva V.T., in 2012-16 – Ph.D. , Associate ProfessorAsilova Z.A. since May 20, 2016 – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor G. Mamatova

Educational activities

Currently, the Department of Informatics and Information Technology training provides training on

Direction 550200 Informatics (Bachelor)
Direction 570400 Design (bachelor)
Preparation in the direction of 550200 Informatics (bachelor) opened in 2012

The department provides training courses:

Computer science
Modern information technology
Computer paperwork
Introduction to MS Office
Methods of teaching informatics
Operations research
Computer networks, Internet and multimedia technologies
Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms
Theoretical foundations of computer science
Computer simulation of mathematical and physical problems
Computer Mathematics Systems
Introduction to the INTERNET
Art history
Compositional Design Basics
Introduction to Design
Web technologies
Programming Olympiad Tasks
Programming software
Computer Architecture
Basics of Artificial Intelligence
Computer graphics
Development and creation of an APM economist
Practical training on the solution of subject-specific tasks on a PC
for the direction “Informatics”, “Design” and disciplines:
Computer science
Modern information technology
Computer paperwork
Introduction to MS Office

for all areas of economic, humanities, law faculties, medical college, medical faculty, faculty of correspondence education.

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

The department has one educational and methodical study, one lecture and multimedia room, laboratory auditoriums “Information technologies of education” named after professor U. Birimkulov and a programming laboratory.

Professorial – teaching staff:

The department includes:

9 full-time teachers.

Qualitative structure: doctors of science – 1, candidates of sciences – 2, senior teachers – 3

List of faculty members

Usenov Kezeshbek Zhumabekovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

Mamatova Gulshair Tynybekovna – Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department;

Osmonova Nurgul Tashtanovna – Ph.D., Associate Professor;

Mamadrazakov Zhumabek Barktabasovich, senior teacher;

Takeeva Anara Raimberdievna Senior Lecturer;

Torogulova Rysbү Abasovna – teacher;

Ermatova Damira Kalilovna-teacher;

Mazhieva Daria Toychuevna-teacher;

Shadibekova Aruke Shadibekovna-teacher;

Educational – methodical work

Teachers of the department prepared textbooks, educational, teaching and visual aids for the disciplines assigned to the department. The laboratory room of the department is equipped with more than 100 laboratory rooms for Informatics classes and for educational disciplines – the “Informatics” bachelor degree. When conducting classes, visual material is used (stands, tables, CDs, video films). The laboratories of the department are equipped with the necessary equipment (PC, interactive board, projectors).

Scientific research work (R & D)

The research work of the department is conducted in the direction of “Improving the technology of distance learning” and “Computer modeling of geomechanical processes.” Currently, the department has 1 doctoral student, 2 graduate students

State budget themes of research:

“Development of innovative technologies for the development of mineral deposits in the Jalalabad region” – Ph.D., Professor K.U. Usenov, Ph.D., Assoc. Mamatova G.T.

Scientific – research work of students (NIRS)

Scientific – research work of students is a mandatory, integral part of the preparation of students of the department. The development of research skills for students begins on the 1st course.

Main publications of the department

Scientific publications:

Usenov K.Zh., Alibaev A.P., Kozhogulov K.Ch. Innovative technologies of excavation at the open-pit mine reserves of minerals in a combined way. Collected works of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Innovative technologies and projects in the mining and metallurgical complex, their scientific and personnel support” March 18-19, 2014. Almaty, 2014

Usenov K.Zh., Alibaev A.P., Osmonova N.T. Development of Podkaryernye Reserves with Combined Development of the Terekkan Field, Vestnik of Jalal-Abad State University №2 (29), 2014.

Usenov K.Zh., Alibaev A.P., Takeeva A.R.The Stress-Deformed State of the Near-Side Zone of Quarries with Combined Development of Steeply Falling Ore Deposits, News of Osh Technological University, 2/2014.

Kozhogulov K.Ch., Alibaev A.P. Problems of combined mining of mountain ore deposits of the Kyrgyz Republic.International scientific and technical conference // Problems and ways of innovative development of the mining and metallurgical industry. Part 1, Tashkent, 2014

Usenov K.Zh., Alibaev A.P. Problems of Combined Development of Podkaryernye Reserves of Upland Ore Deposits, Bulletin of Issyk-Kul University 40/2015, part III.

Usenov K.Zh., Asilova Z.A., Osmonova N.T.MATHCAD: Sandykmethoddor Tutorial, Bishkek, 2015

Usenov K.ZH, Mamatova G.T., Alibaev A.P. Features of the technology of excavation of the side ore reserves in the combined mining, ZHAMU Zharkysy, Jalal-Abad, 2014, No. 2

Mamatova G.Т., Mamadrazakov J. Advantages of solving problems using MS Excel ZHAMU Zharkysy, Jalal-Abad, 2014, No. 2

Alibaev A.P., Mamatova G.T. Analysis of the stress-strain state of rocks near the near-surface massif in the combined development of ore deposits, Vestnik KGUSTA, “Information Technologies in Asia: Status, Problems and Prospects of ITPA-2014”, 2014, No. 2 (44)

Mamatova G.T., Baymahan R. B., Salgaraeva G.I. et al. Study of some regularity of crack formation near the contour of a mine working, “Modern concepts of natural science and information technologies” Collection of materials of the International Scientific and Methodological Conference, Almaty, 2015

Mamatova G.T., Aldarsolkyzy S., Baymahan R.B. et al. On the development of a criterion for determining the sustainability of an anisotropic array around the contour of a mining tunnel, “Modern concepts of natural science and information technologies” Collection of materials of the International Scientific and Methodological Conference, Almaty, 2016

Mamatova G.T., Baymakhan R.B., Kozhomkulova ZH.ZH. Limit states of an anisotropic structure of the mass near the contour of the mine workings of the deep foundation, “Modern concepts of natural science and information technologies” Collection of materials of the International Scientific and Methodological Conference, Almaty, 2016, No. 2


Usenov K.J.-7 patents

Mamatova G.T.-1patent

Osmonova N.T.-1patent

The international cooperation

The department maintains scientific and educational relations with leading universities of the near and far abroad:

National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek

Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk

Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Bishkek

Polytechnic University, Russia. Nizhny Novgorod

Uzbek National University named after M. Ulugbek, Tashkent

Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov, Bishkek

Kyrgyz State University of Construction and Transport, Bishkek

Osh State University, Osh

Osh State Technical University, Osh

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement concluded between higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, students in the direction of Physics and Mathematics education the “Informatics” profile can study for one semester in any higher education institution of the Kyrgyz Republic.