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Department of Extreme Medicine and Safe Life Activities

      In 1957 at the Osh teacher training college the chair “Special disciplines” where students gained knowledge of Civil defense was created.

      According to the Resolution of Council of ministers of the USSR of 2.04.1960 No. 356-145 and the Provision on training of nurses for Civil defense in pedagogical and other humanitarian higher educational institutions began work on implementation of the program. The chair began to be called “As chair of medical preparation and Civil defense”. Training of nurses was carried out within two years in older years with certification of the nurse of Civil defense. The chair was completed by doctors from city and regional hospital and had 360 hour program.

      Problem of a course was training of students of teacher training college in a basic medical training, medico-hygienic to education, prepare them to practical work on rendering medical care in the conditions of emergency situations, to care of patients and victims, teaching of Civil defense in 2,5,6 classes and medical and sanitary preparation at school.

      Medical knowledge promoted outlook expansion, formation of the personality and increase of professional level of the teacher, its conscious medico-pedagogically to approach to burning issues of training.

      Chair was headed by: Professor Plyukpashidi T.I., Sagirova R. G., associate professor Dzheentayev Sh. D., academician NaS KR Toktoraliyev B. A. For many years on chair cooperated: MD, professor Zheenbayev Zh.Zh., associate professor Rayymbekov O. R.,  Matazov B. A. honored doctor of KR Kochonov M. A. senior teacher Ayanpaizov U.A. senior teacher Saparbekova R. A. and others.

Since May, 1988 chair was headed by associate professor Musaakhunov K.M.  – the regular senior officer of a health service of MO USSR in resignation, the excellent student of formation of KR, the gentleman of 12 awards and medals of the USSR. It is awarded by the Certificate of honor KR (2001). For years of existence of chair more than 80 scientific articles and educational and methodical grants were published, Improved and improved material resources of chair. the chair actively participated in creation of medical faculty of Osh State University, using a medical and pedagogical resource and rich educational base.

In 2010, the chair functions as chair of extreme and military medicine. The solution of the Academic Council, the protocol No. 10 of 5.07.2010 and No. 338 order Osh State University of 7.07.2010 the chair is renamed into “Chair of extreme medicine and safe activity”. For the short period published 3 educational and methodical grants according to the chair program, 6 scientific articles.

The next purpose: improvement of qualitative structure of chair (2 competitors), improvement of educational and methodical work, introducing new technologies and to keep steady moral climate of chair.