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Department of Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching Technology

Head of Department Ph.D., Associate Professor

Narbaev Mirsadyk Rakhimberdievich

Adress: Jalal-Abad city, Lenin street 57, 2nd building, 2/220 room
Phone: 0776-46-67-68, (03722) 5-61-24
E-mail: [email protected]

The department of “Higher Mathematics” was founded in August 1993. In 2000, the name of the department was changed to “Algebra and Analysis”. In 2010, the department was again interchanged with the department of “Higher Mathematics”. From May 19, 2015, on the basis of the order of the rector of ZhASU No. 250, the department began to be called the department of “Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Education Technology”.

From the opening of the department until 2012, the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Bolotbaev Kerimbek Bolotbaevich, in 2012-2016. Ph.D., associate professor Avanova Zhyldyz Avanovna, since May 2016.f.-mn., associate professor Narbaev Mirsadyk Rakhimberdievich.

            Educational activities.

Currently, the department of “Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Education Technology”

Carries out training on:

 Direction 550200 Physics and mathematics education profile mathematics (bachelor)
Direction 540201 math specialty

The department provides in the faculty of pedagogy and information technology, in natural-technical, in economics-law, in philology and in medical faculties, as well as in the institute of continuous learning, in the following disciplines:

Higher mathematics
Discrete Math

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

Training rooms:

2/216-audience “Methods of teaching mathematics” (responsible – k.s., Uraimkhalilova A),
2/217 – audience “Higher Mathematics and Analytical Geometry” (responsible – senior teachers Pakhirdinov M, Bagyshev K)
2 / 218- audience “Mathematical analysis and differential equations” (responsible – Ph.D., associate professor Narbaev M, senior teacher Birimkulov Sh).

Educational, scientific and methodical classrooms:

2/214-laboratory “problem-based learning of mathematics asymptotic, topological and computer technologies in mathematics” (responsible – Ph.D., prof. Alybaev KS)
2/221 Scientific Methodical Center named after L.E. Krivosheina (responsible – M.K Beknazarova teacher)


10 full-time teachers, 3 part-time teachers.

Doctors of sciences –1, candidates of sciences –3, senior teachers –4, teachers –3.

List of faculty members (staff)

Avanova Zhyldyz Avanovna- (Ph.D., Associate Professor),
Narbaev Mirsadyk Rakhimberdievich – (Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department),
Uraimkhalilova Ashirhon – (Ph.D., performing the post of associate professor),
Pakhirdinov Makhmutzhan Abdugaparovich – (senior teacher),
Sulaymanova Mayram – (Senior Lecturer),
Birimkulov Shamsharbek Karachbekovich – (senior teacher),
Bagyshev Kalyk Turgunbaevich – (Senior Lecturer),
Kyralieva Gulnara Batyrbekovna – (teacher),
Sharapov Sardorbek Turgunovich – (teacher),
Beknazarova Makhabat Kudaiberdievna – (teacher).

Educational and methodical work:

The teachers of the department prepared textbooks, teaching aids and syllabuses. When conducting classes, visual material is used (stands, tables, CDs, video films, etc.)

Research work (R & D):

Research areas:

“Mathematics and problems of teaching mathematics” (the head is Dr. of sciences, professor, Alybaev KS)
Promotion of education of highly qualified specialists in the Bologna system (head: Ph.D., associate professor Zh.A. Avanova)

Research work of students:

Research work of students begins with the first course. Each year, students participate in scientific conferences with their reports.

Main publications of the department


Imanaliev MS, Alybaev K.S. “Singularly perturbed equations in violation of the stability condition”. – Jalal-Abad, 2001. 173 p.

Scientific publications:

Avanova J., Uraimkhalilova A. “Bolokhok mathematics mugalimderin geometriyalyk өzgurtөp tүzүlүrdү okutuu arkyluu okuuchulyrdyn oi-zhgrrtүүsүn өnүktүrүүgө dayaro”. Jamunun zhurchysy. 2014. №1 (28). -14-19 b.
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Avanova J., Uraimkhalilova A., Mambetkozhoeva A. Trigonometriylyk temedelelerdi algebralykly zholmenmeny chygaruu. Jamunun zhurchysy. 2014. № 2 (29). -158-161 b.
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Sulaimanova M “Existence of boundary lines, regular and singular domains for singularly perturbed first-order equations in the complex plane” International Scientific and Practical Conference, YKMU 2015,
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KR Kyrgyzpatent, Certificate No. 2267. The certificate of the Kyrgyz patent on the Invented Technology of Mathematics Education was obtained. Authors: Alybaev KS, Avanova Zh.A.

 Participation in conferences, symposia and seminars

International Mathematical Forum, V-Congress. Yssyk-Kul 2014, Sulaimanova M.
International scientific – practical conference, ЫКМУ 2015, Alybaev KS Sulaimanova M.
XLVI International Scientific and Practical Conference Novosibrsk 2016. K. Alybaev
II international conference “Actual problems, control theory, topology and operational equations”. Bishkek, 2013, Alybayev KS
V-congress of mathematicians of the Turkic world (thesis). – Bishkek, 2014. Alybayev KS

International relationships:

Ural State Pedagogical University (Ural, Russia)
Eurasian National University L.N.Gumilyov (Kazakhstan, Astana)
Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  Pedagogical University of Nizami (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
  Uzbek National University Ulugbek (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)