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Department of Physics

Head of Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Imankulov Zakirzhan Imankulovich

Adress: 715600, Jalal-Abad, st. Lenina 57, ZhASU, Pedfak, audience 2/319
Phone: (996-3722) 54763
E-mail: [email protected]

The “Physics” department was opened in 1993 by the decision of the Academic Council and the order of the rector of ZhASU No. 160/1.

Since the opening of the department and up to 2016, the department was headed by Ph.D., Professor E. Umetov, in the 2002–09 academic year – Ph.D., associate professor Z. Imankulov, in 2009- 16 academic year, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S. Kydyraliev from May 2016 – Ph.D., Associate Professor Z. Imankulov.

Educational activities

Currently, the Department of Physics provides training on

Direction 550200 physical and mathematical education (profile of physicist) – bachelor

Direction 550200 Physics and Mathematics education (Physics profile) – Master

The department provides training courses:


For all areas of natural-technical, pedagogical and medical faculties

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

There are five educational, four educational and scientific laboratories and a demonstration room at the department.


Mechanics (Head. Botoeva D.)

Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics

Electricity and magnetism

Optics, solid state physics, quantum physics

Electro-radio engineering

Demonstration cabinet

Educational and scientific

Methods of teaching physics (head of the cpn, associate professor E.Moldokerimova)

“Plasma Physics” and “Getting gold from mountain rivers” (Head of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S. Kydyraliev)

“Physics of lasers” (Head of PhD, Associate Professor Z. Imankulov)

“Physics of semiconductors” (Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor B.Chotonov)


The department includes:

6 full-time teachers, 3 part-time workers.

Qualitative composition: Doctors of Sciences-1, Candidates of Sciences-3, senior lecturers-3, teachers-1.

List of faculty members:


Imankulov Z.I. Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department

Kydyraliev S.K. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

E. Moldokerimova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Chotonov, B. B. Ph.D., Associate Professor

Azhikulova Shch senior teacher

Murzaliev K. Senior Lecturer

Tairbekov S. teacher

Educational work

Teachers of the department prepared training, teaching and visual aids for the disciplines assigned to the department. The demo room of the department is equipped with more than 70 demonstrations in physics. When conducting classes, visual material is used (stands, tables, CDs, video films, virtual materials, etc.). The laboratories of the department are equipped with the equipment (virtual laboratories) necessary for carrying out a physical practical work.

Research work of students (NIRS)

Research work of students is an obligatory, integral part of the preparation of students of the department. The development of research skills for students begins on the 1st course.

Exhibition exhibits made with the participation of students

A device for separating gold concentrates from small mountain rivers.

A device for separating gold concentrates from mountain rivers for large mudflows.

Main publications of the department


Kydyraliev S. Improving the efficiency of plasma cutting and metal welding. –Jalal-Abad, ZHAGU. 2009, 352 pp.

Kydyraliev S.Development of the process of plasma welding in CO2 of the stator packages of electric motors made of silicon electrical steels. ZhASU, 2010, 181 pages.

Kydyraliev S. Electric arc surfacing of worn crankshafts. ZhASU, 2012, 276 pp.

Kydyraliev S., Chotonov B.B. The study of thermodynamic processes of purification of silicon and the development of a quality control system. ZHAGU, 2010, 109 pp.

Scientific publications

S. Kydyraliev. The theory of stable ignition of the plasma arc // Vestnik ZhASU, №1 (30), 2015, pp. 36-43.

Kydyraliev S., Sarikova T. Geophysical processes that facilitate the flow of gold concentrates into mountain rivers. Vestnik ZhASU, №1 (30), 2015, pp.44-53.

Imankulov Z., Mirinoyatova D.M. Study of the effects of a constant magnetic field with a periodic irregularity on the output characteristics of a non-Ne laser with a transverse microwave discharge

Z. Imankulov. Two-channel waveguide CO2 laser with transverse high-frequency discharge // Bulletin of the Southern Branch of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2013, No. 1, pp. 29-35

Z. Imankulov. Laser dual-channel interferometric system for precise registration of small displacements. // Vestnik ZhASU, №2 (29), 2014, pp. 279-283.

Imankulov Z. Two-Wave He-Ne Laser with a Transverse Microwave Discharge in a Magnetic Field // Osh State University Bulletin, No. 3, 5th edition, 2014, pp.126-132.

Imankulov Z., Rasulova D.M. Infrared helium-neon laser with a transverse microwave discharge in a magnetic field // Herald of the Issyk-Kul University, №4, part 1, 2015, pp.24-28


Kydyraliev S. Device for the separation of ore concentrates from mountain rivers. Patent of the Kyrgyz Republic №151 from 01.31.2013, Byul. №1.

Kydyraliev. A device for the separation of ore concentrates from mountain rivers. Patent of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 1880 of July 29, 2016, Byul. №7.

The international cooperation

The department maintains scientific and educational relations with leading universities of the near and far abroad:

MVTU them. Bauman

Physical Institute of RAS

General Physics Institute of RAS

Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS

National University of Uzbekistan and M.Ulugbek

NPO Solntse NAS of Uzbekistan

KSTU them. Razzakov

KSPU them. Arabaev

National University of Kyrgyzstan named after J. Balasagyn

Research Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic

Scientific Research Institute of Seismology, NAS KR