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Department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines, November, 2019: Teachers participate in the International Seminar

On November 12-13, 2019, Osh State University hosted the XXII International Autumn Scientific Seminar on”Russian, English and Turkic languages”. Lecturers were M. V. Pimenova PhD, Professor, rector of Saint-Petersburg Institute of Foreign Languages and Karaeva Z. K PhD, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Regional Studies Bishkek International University. The main directions of the seminar: Russian studies and Turkology in the XXI century: semantics, grammar, pragmatics, genres of speech; contrastive study of languages; pedagogical education in modern secondary and higher schools; linguoculturology and ethnolinguistics; comparative conceptology; artistic and folklore worldview; conceptual methods of language teaching; bilingualism and bilingual education; language and conceptual worldview.