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Department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines, October, 2019: The student of the IMF won the Grand Prix at the International Olympiad

On October 16-17-18-19, 2019,in Cholpon-Ata held The International Olympiad on the language and morphological disciplines. The following students took part in the language disciplines under the guidance of the Head of the Department Social Humanitarian Disciplines, IMF, Associate Prof. R. A. Ysmailova: 1. I Place Midhila Sindhu Manoj and Dar Mohmad Ashraf (Kyrgyz language and literature); 2. I Place Mankar Prasad Dnyaneshwar and Sadik Ali III Place (Russian language); 3. Toufique Hassan awarded with Grand Prix and Najaria Saleh Ramzan with certificate (Latin language); 4. Adnan Abbas Wani and Koram Pooja Ambadas (concert performance) they surprised the audience with their talents and were awarded with certifications of the International School of Medicine. Dear teachers, we congratulate you! Your work is priceless! We are proud of you!