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Department of Social Humanitarian Disiplines, January 2020: English Language Olympiad

On February 1, 2020, at the Department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines, in order to summarize and on the basis of the curriculum, an English language Olympiad was held among 1 courses. It was attended by 22 students. The Olympiad consisted of 3 rounds: 1 round – testing; 2 round – listening; Round 3 – an explanation of the meaning of proverbs and sayings. 1st place was taken by Mohd Shanawas 1-eng1, Mohamad Faraz 1 eng1-7, Mohsin 1eng-22, Pranit Paithant 1eng-22; 2nd place – Khushbu Shaikn 1eng -19, Shrajal Jadhov 1eng-17, Esha Patil 1eng-18, Neha Kolhe 1eng-18, Karam Sankar 1eng-9, Arslan 1eng-20; 3rd place – Anniruddha Mhalas, Premlata Chauhan 1eng-19, Vignesh Kannan 1eng-1, Mariam Jinnah 1 eng-18.