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Department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines, January 2020: Kyrgyz Language Olympiad

On January 31, 2020, at the department of Social Humanitarian Disciplines, in order to take stock and on the basis of the curriculum, among the 1 course, an olympiad in the Kyrgyz language was held. It was attended by 12 students. The Olympiad consisted of 3 rounds: 1 round – testing; 2 round – listening; 3 round – understanding of the text. 1st place was taken by Nagarayan Vigneshvaran 1-eng1-19, Dushant Vayishnav 1-eng7-19; 2nd place – Roshen Vani 1-eng11-19, Svanand Gaurav 1-eng11-19; 3rd place – Sardar Patil 1-eng11-19, Rohit Chaudhary 1-eng11-19, Sedart Dohad 1-eng7-19.