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Emergency situation to be extended in Kyrgyzstan – President Jeenbekov


The emergency situation will be extended in Kyrgyzstan in connection with threat of spread of coronavirus infection, President Sooronbai Jeenbekov said in his address on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day.
“At the present moment we face the threat of spread of coronavirus infection, on one hand, negative impact on the national economy, on another hand. We make all efforts to get out of this situation. To protect health of citizens and to prevent spread of coronavirus infection, we declared emergency situation and the state of emergency. Government agencies, local authorities, medical professionals, police and servicemen are on frontline to safeguard health of citizens of the country day and night. Citizens provide invaluable support in fight against the virus, helping maintenance of order and discipline, controlling arrivals to their territories and departures,” the President said.

“All people treated the current situation with understanding and patience. All complied with restrictions. Such coordinated actions allowed to bar further spread of the infection,” the President said.

“Businesses are now allowed to reopen in a step-wise manner to revitalize the national economy. Certain kinds of businesses already reopened. We have to gradually restore business activities,” the President added.

“Health and lives of citizens are our main concern. For this reason the emergency situation will be still in effect across the country and will be extended,” the President stated.

Even when the state of emergency is lifted, each citizen should comply with sanitary rules. These rules should be followed after resumption of work of enterprises and restart of social interaction.

“I am deeply grateful to all for staying disciplined and following medical recommendations. We all should continue practicing them further,” the President said.