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Everyday life of students in the hostel “Sakura”.

In the course of educational work with students of the 1 st year of the MMF, in the hostel “Sakura” located in md. Kulatov found that the housing conditions of students correspond to residence. The rooms are warm, each student has a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, chairs to prepare for classes. The room is inhabited by 4 people. A conversation was held with the students to familiarize themselves with the mentality of the residents of Osh, the culture of behavior and speech of students, the rules of conduct in public places in the city, in transport and personal hygiene. In a friendly atmosphere, the students were reminded of mutual understanding and respect for each other, so that they do not forget their parents and take their studies seriously. At the end of the conversation, the students assured us that they would justify the confidence of Kyrgyzstan and the faculty as a whole.