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Exchange of experience in drawing up a technological map of accumulation of points in the discipline “Normal Anatomy”

On December 1, 2018, at the next meeting of the Educational and Methodical Council of the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University, issues of improving the technological chart of accumulating points on the disciplines of the departments were discussed. The members of the UMF MMF were present: heads and departments responsible for the educational and methodical work. Several reports were presented on the example of disciplines from clinical and theoretical departments (R. Azhimamatova, A. Gaipova). From the department of anatomy, histology and normal physiology made head. Head of the Department, Associate Professor K. Sakibayev, who demonstrated the experience of drawing up a technological map of accumulating points on the example of the discipline “Normal Anatomy”. In his report, in which 9 tables were shown with precise indications of the scheme of accumulation of points, the speaker shared the experience of mapping, focused on the WCF in the context of all types of control, on scoring, on compliance with the 19 bulletin of Osh State University, etc. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss issues related to a unified approach to the assessment of knowledge, to a module-rating system, and in general, to a unified approach to the organization of the educational process at the departments of MMF in accordance with the new requirements of Osh State University.