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IV International festival of documentary films on human rights held in Osh State University

IV International festival of documentary films on human rights held in Osh State University



From 25 to 27 October 2010 in Osh was a demonstration of documentary films on human rights within the IV International Festival of Bir duino Kyrgyzstan.

The first day of screenings held in the auditorium of the Osh State University, which were attended by 450 students.
The highest interest had the films “Almaz”, “Equestrian, born in Year of the Tiger”, “Talykpas ata”, “The desire to return home”, “Way to the Stars.”

Psychological and emotional actively spectators reacted to such films as “The happiness Cradle» and “Salamatsyzby, apa”.
October 26th festival was held at the Theological Faculty of Osh State University – 150 people attended the viewing, from 14-00 at the Osh State Pedagogical Institute with the participation of 200 students.
October 27, the final day of the festival movies and their discussion was held in Osh State University sociology involving 80 people.


During the festival days were covered by students of leading universities of the city of more than 880 people attended the faculty of educational institutions, which as well as students participated in the discussion of movies.
Management of these universities have responded positively to the festival in the walls of universities themselves have been actively involved in preparing and conducting this event.

Two years rector of Osh State University Zhumabayev TT she takes an active part in the festival, the deans of theological and legal departments, as well OshSU Rector, Rector OSPI, member of the Osh City Council Isakov, K.
In the Osh State sociology University after the film “Almaz” met with the director and screenwriter E. Osmonalieva. She answered students’ questions about a movie, and gave full information about the film as a whole.

Festival in the city of Osh, media coverage, AKIpress-Fergana, Kirtag, by “Granite”, newspaper “Planet of Friendship” and digest the “Valley of Peace.