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Guest lecturer from the Netherlands at the Department of “Clinical Disciplines 2” MMF

The use of “guest lectures” is an actual method of conducting lectures, as it is possible to know more deeply and thoroughly using the comparative method, which makes it relevant in the preparation of future specialists. October 21 – 24 of the current school year Andrea van der Kieft – a neonatologist from the Netherlands gave a lecture for students of 3, 4 MMF courses on the topic “Breastfeeding”, where the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding in favor of the mother and child and features of its use in Kyrgyzstan were discussed, India, Pakistan and the Netherlands. At the end of the lecture, students and teachers of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2 asked the lecturer interested questions, which created the opportunity to clarify the findings of the presentation. In general, the lecture was held at a high professional level and was informative for our students. Dean MMF, prof. Zh. K. Muratov as part of the dean’s office and head of department. KD2, Ph.D., associate professor M. M. Bugubaeva Andrea van der Kieft expressed their gratitude and presented a letter of thanks. Одоо Өчүрүү