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Implementation of a step-by-step plan for online accreditation #STAY_AT_HOME

According to the step-by-step plan of the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University in preparation for online accreditation:


A) the following activities were carried out according to online accreditation procedures (paragraph 2.):

2.2. – prepared and sent the final version of the self-report in electronic form;

2.7. – agreed type of interview;

2.8. – considered the conditions for the work of the expert commission (online mode);

2.8. – Provided remote access for respondents to conduct interviews (WhatsApp data attached);


B) the following documents were prepared for uploading to an electronic platform (cloud) from the list of required documents (item 4.):

4.7. – reference guide for undergraduates;

4.8. – catalog of electives;

4.11. – examples and results of laboratory / design work (4 pcs);

4.12. – the results of the polls and the actions of the OP;

4.13. – syllabuses in professional disciplines;

4.14. – SR undergraduates;

4.16 – protocols of mutual visits;

4.16 – minutes of meetings on EP;


C) on the organization and preparation of a video on the general overview of the infrastructure of EP and visits to online classes in the disciplines of the departments (paragraph 7.):

7.1. – mounted video with a duration of not more than 30 minutes;

7.1. – a schedule has been drawn up for organizing visits to online classes;


D) the final adjustment of the main educational program “560100-Public Health”. Data is confirmed by relevant documents (self-report option, WhatsApp respondent data, guidebook, elective catalog, options for completed work, design work, questionnaire protocols, mutual visits, working group meetings, syllabuses, video, OOP, etc.).