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“In a healthy body healthy mind”.

Led by the director of the clinic of Osh State University Kalmatov R. K., the school of professors G. Belova, as well as the teacher and post-graduate student of the Department of Pathology, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University Ka. organized a fitness training for foreign students. The idea arose when students often began to complain about a decrease in immunity, frequent illnesses and the lack of fitness instructors who knew English. Trainings are held 3 times a week for 1 hour. For an hour, instructor A.Kaipova shows all the exercises, talks about proper nutrition, the benefits of physical exertion and a healthy lifestyle. To be healthy is a natural human desire. A healthy and spiritually developed person is happy: the students feel great, are satisfied and strive for self-improvement. “We must strive to ensure that in a healthy body was a healthy mind.” BE HEALTHY!