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In the international medical faculty, at the department of “СГД”, an Olympiad among 1st-year students was organized.

From December 11 to December 15, 2017 at the International Medical Faculty Osh State University teachers of the department “SRS” organized and conducted an Olympiad in the subjects of Latin, Russian, Kyrgyz, English among first-year students. With the best wishes of success, the head of the department, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Ismayilova RA, spoke and opened the Olympiad. 14.12.17 Olympiad on the subject “Practical course of the Russian language” was organized in 3 stages (1-written work, 2-answer questions, 3-talk about the city of Osh), where the students took the following places: 1st Sidik Ash 1eng 7b) 2nd Abdul (1eng 7b) and Muhamed Talip (1eng 7a) 3rd Muhamed Azar Uddin (gr 1eng 9a) and Shibu Samrad (1eng 9a) In the subject “Practical English course” is conducted in 3 stages (I -tests, II-dictation, III-interpretation of proverbs, sayings). The following places are occupied: 1st Apour Saurav (1eng 9b); 2nd Akansha Vadatka (1eng 9a); 3rd Ramesh Kumar (1eng 1a); 15.12.17 Olympiad on the “Practical course of the Kyrgyz language” was held, where the students took the following places: 1st Muhamed Ashraf (1eng 13a); 2nd Rugi Shenhar (1eng 11b) Practitioner Himmate 11b; 3rd Kanhai Bharti (1eng 14b), Albert Treblah (1eng 19a). Students from each group participated in the Olympiad in the subject “Latin Language”. The Olympiad is organized in 3 stages: 1-task on grammar; 2-word formation; 3-terminology. At the Olympiad, students showed their knowledge and abilities in the subjects at a proper high level, for which they were noted and encouraged by letters and gratitude from the department.