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In the International Medical Faculty, the Department of “Clinical Disciplines 1” held a scientific-student conference

20.04.18 in the International Medical Faculty at the Department of “Clinical Disciplines 1” devoted to the week of science conducted a scientific and student conference and intellectual competition among students of the 4th year. Priti Singh from the 4in-1B group under the guidance of the teacher Saliyeva R.Sh., as well as Anarbaev Akbermet from the 3in-6A group led by Akbalaeva B.A. made a presentation on the topic “ECG variabilities in COPD exacerbation in Southern Kyrgyzstan”, and “Hot spices as one of the main causes of the gastritis in students from India”. The intellectual competition was attended by 2 groups led by Mishra Piyush and Mudasir Ahmad, the winner was 1 group.