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On the initiative of Osh State University, topical issues of academic mobility were discussed with the participation of representatives of 25 universities of the country.

  • On May 1 at the initiative of the Department of International Relations of Osh State University in Osh within the framework of the “Week of online international, regional video conferencing” announced at Osh State University in honor of the Year of “Regional Development, Digitalization and Child Support” and the 80th anniversary of Osh State University. I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University, Talas State University, ISU, NSU, Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz State University, Kyrgyz State University, etc.) “New horizons of cooperation between partner universities: the benefits of internal mobility “The problems of online videoconferencing took place.
  • My moderator Abdygany Osmonovich presented a report on “Academic Mobility: Problems and Recommendations” prepared on the example of Osh State University and made recommendations on the problems of mobility and their solutions.
  • Successs, problems and solutions to academic mobility were discussed and experiences were shared in the videoconference. Recommendations were also made and a resolution was issued to address the issues of internal academic mobility.
  • As a result, the work on cooperation and exchange of experience between the universities of Kyrgyzstan will not continue.
  • Full video of the conference is available at the following link: