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International Relations


Osh State University has a diverse profile of international activities in both research and education. Medical Institute stays in contact with many medical institutes of the world.Scientists and students of the Medical Institute,Osh State University actively take part in International seminars,conferences and joint research with scientists of other universities.Our students go to partner universities in seminars and joint courses conducted by partner universities every year.Medical Institute,Osh State University has agreements of mutual cooperation with many institutes such as-:

Medical Faculty,Ankara State University,Turkey

” State University of Georgia,USA
” Moscow State Medical Academy,Russia
” Kazan State Medical University,Russia
” Krasnodar State Medical University,Russia
” New York Academy of Science,USA
” Andijan State Medical Academy,Uzbekistan
” Kyrgyz State Medical Academy,Bishkek
” Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University,Bishkek
” Kazakh State Medical Academy,Astana
” Kazakh State Medical University,Almata
” From year 2003,Institute is partner of tSAR,Cooperates with AMCZ and with
” Medical institute of South Florida,USA



International Affairs Office of Osh State University was opened in October, 1996. It is one of the significant steps of Osh State University education policy in integration into the world standards.

to develop OshSU international cooperation in the framework of educational, research and cultural programs and projects.

• Establishing and developing of prospective cooperation with various educational institutions all over the world, international organizations, foundations and centers; 
• Assisting the Osh State University students and teachers to study and to have internships in abroad countries; 
• Developing and managing projects in the framework of international educational programs; assisting Osh State University faculties and other departments to attract more grants and investments for infrastructure development and technical equipment improvement; 
• Recruiting foreign teachers and professors to work in Osh State University ; 
• Recruiting international students to study at Osh State University ; 
• Providing Osh State University international students and teachers to process visa registration documents.


• From May to September 2005 the IAO staff has conducted the courses for Osh State University junior teachers on English, German and Project Design. The project was supported by Osh State University and the Center for American Studies affiliated to IAO. Target group: students and teachers of technical departments of Osh State University .

• From 14th to 28th of August 2005 the Summer School was organized by the IAO project “The German Language in the Ferghana Valley”. The project was financed by DAAD and the German Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. 30 students of non-linguistic departments from various higher educational institutions of the Ferghana Valley, participated in the project. Project Managers: Ganybaeva S., Tashybaeva A., IAO coordinators.

• In September 2005 the program of Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation “Ethnic Development” supported the initiative of Public Fund “Ethnic Turk” and IAO staff members. The title of the project is Development of poly-cultural knowledge and education in locality of ethnic groups in poly-cultural regions (in particular the ethnic Turks of Uzgen region of the Osh oblast). Managers from OSU part: Kim E., IAO coordinator; Nazarov B., Osh State University member; trainers of OSU laboratory “Critical Thinking”.

•Osh State University participated in the TEMPUS program (UM_JEP – 25085 University cooperation with ?925 production): System of entrepreneurship support in higher education: Central Asian pilot organizational model. Partners: Saarland university (Germany), Aliquante university (Spain), St. Petersburg Electro-technical university (Russia), Osh State university (Kyrgyzstan), Tashkent Financial institute, Proprietors Union in Tashkent, Andijan Engineering Economical institute, Andijan Department of External Economic Relations, Andijan’s Chamber of 
Commerce and Agricultural institute of Andijan. Manager from OSU part: A.Saipbekova, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, head of IAO.

• From 23rd to 24th of September 2005 scientific-practical seminar was held in Osh State University . The title of the seminar “Innovations in higher education of Central Asia: cumulative experience, perspectives of its application and demands of changing communities of the region”. The seminar was organized with support of Moscow office of the Ford Foundation in coordination with the partner project “System of higher education in social development of Central Asia” together with Research Center “Internal Asia” (Irkutsk, Russia), higher educational institutions of Ferghana Valley and IAO. Manager from OSU part: A.Saipbekova, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, head of IAO.

• From 25 to 28 September 2005 School of Young Scientist was held in OSU. Trainers: V.Dyatlov, professor of Irkutsk university; S.Panarin editor of “Eurasia” journal.

• In October 21-22 2005 IAO workers organized international scientific-practical seminar “Higher educational institutions of Ferghana Valley integration into European educational space: problems and perspective of education system modernization”. The project was financed by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Project initiator: S.Ganybaeva, IAO coordinator.

• Virtual conference with the University of East Carolina (USA). Theme: Intercultural communications. Organization managers: Center for American Studies and IAO.

• In 2005 Osh State University Law Faculty together with the Law College of Montana, the USA started realization of partner program on legal education and clinical training. Duration of the project is 3 years. Grant amount is 240,000 $ US. The project involves teachers exchange program, development of innovative educational courses and assistance in reforming the legal education and legal knowledge of the teachers of Osh State University Law faculty. In coordination with this project, 3 teachers of OSU Law faculty had two-month internship in Law 
College of Montana.

• In October, 2005 Center for American Studies received a grant from the Peace Corps in the amount of $2,000 (US dollars) for the purchase of equipment (including 2 computers, printer, modem) and Internet access for 1 year. Moreover, 250 books were donated by Peace Corps to the Center for American Studies. The project was initiated by Lawrence Tweed, Peace Corps volunteer, together with IAO staff.

• In 2002, Osh State University in partnered with Cleveland State University and Hiram College (???/USA) and received a grant from US State Government via NISCUPP program in the amount of 200,000 US dollars to develop “Public Administration” educational course and introduce it into curriculum. The project is aimed to develop the course by means of academic exchange. Since 2002, several Osh State University teachers have interned at Cleveland State University and Hiram College for one semester. In the framework of the project Summer Seminars for Osh teachers were 
held each year. As the project was planned for three years, in 2005 the new course titled “Public Administration” is planned to be introduced into the Osh State University Faculty of International Education Integration curriculum.