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Lecturer of the Department “Clinical Disciplines 2” A. E. Omurzakova prepared students for the International Student Olympiad in Pediatrics

Osh State University has a diverse profile of international activities in both research and education. Medical faculty, Osh state university stays in contact with many medical institutions of the world. Scientists and students of the Medical Faculty, Osh State University actively take part in International seminars, conferences and joint research with scientists of other universities. Our students go to partner universities in seminars and joint courses conducted by partner universities every year. Medical faculty, Osh State University has agreements of mutual cooperation with many institutes such as:

Agreements of cooperation with universities of Kyrgyzstan.

Agreements of cooperation with medical universities abroad:

Medical Faculty, Ankara State University Turkey

State University of Georgia, USA

Moscow State Medical Academy, Russia

Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Krasnodar State Medical University, Russia

New York Academy of Science, USA

Andijan State Medical Academy, Uzbekistan

Kazakh State Medical Academy, Astana

Kazakh State Medical University, Almata

Semipalatinsk State Medical University Kazakhstan

Karaganda State Medical Academy Kazakhstan

Tver State Medical Academy Russia

Smolensk State Medical Academy Russia

Saratov State Medical Academy Russia

Northern State Medical University Arkhangelsk

From year 2003, Medical faculty Osh state university is partner of tSAR, Cooperates with AMCZ and with Medical institute of South Florida,USA

International Affairs Office of Osh State University was opened in October 1996. It is one of the significant steps of Osh State University education policy in integration into the world standards.

to develop Osh State university international cooperation in the framework of educational,  research and cultural programs and projects.

• Establishing and developing of prospective cooperation with various educational institutions all over the world, international organizations, foundations and centers;
• Assisting the Osh State University students and teachers to study and to have internships in abroad countries.
• Developing and managing projects in the framework of international educational programs; assisting Osh State University faculties and other departments to attract more grants and investments for infrastructure development and technical equipment improvement;
• Recruiting foreign teachers and professors to work in Osh State University ;
• Recruiting international students to study at Osh State University ;
• Providing Osh State University international students and teachers to process visa registration documents.

On December 6, 2019 in the city of Andijan, the I-International Student Olympiad was held at the Andijan Medical State University. Our faculty was represented by five students with 4.5.6 courses. The teacher from our department Omurzakova Aisuluu Ermekovna prepared students in pediatrics. (The introduction of vitamin K, mechanical ventilation, cutting the umbilical cord, measuring weight, temperature, determining respiratory rate, heart rate, primary care in emergency conditions). Our students participated along with the winning teams of the Republican Olympiad of Uzbekistan, teams from Kazakhstan, the Higher School of Medicine from Bishkek. The competition consisted of homework, primary care in emergency conditions, showing the technique of surgical suturing on imitations, pediatrics.