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Methodical Seminar about journals filling on OshSU requirement

On 26th October 2018 year with a view to realize rector,s order №775 from 25.08.18 (About students responsibility to knowledge acquisition). There was organized methodical seminar about filling groups journals in the International Medical Faculty of OshSU. In the beginning of the seminar dean of the Medical Faculty , professor J. Muratov said about Rector,s order and commented about relevance and need for consideration of the matter with all teachers of all departments. Head of department, associate professor, K. Sakibaev has spoken delivered with report. He has offered the form of filling journals with the using example «Human Anatomy». Taking into account some difficult in the filling journals, he has offered to use the journal rational, i.e. using two columns for one lesson, what enables to reflect the marks and points for two moduls with indication all forms of test. Finally, there was requested to fill journals in this form (sample is attached). This form was agreed with education part of the University. After all discussion and presentations each seminar participant supported this iniciation.