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Methodological seminar

9 – 10 January 2017 in connection with preparation for international accreditation for the staff of international medical faculty in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine was held methodical seminar, which addressed issues of writing self-report on 7 GIZ standards, the development of basic educational program. The report advocates: 1. The Director of the DSC Osh State University associate professor at Avazbek. R. – “Training and challenges for international accreditation.” 2. The Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty Aitiev Sh.Dzh. – “Minimum GIZ». 3. Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, International Medical Faculty Dzhumaeva LM – “Development and evaluation of the goals and tasks and the PLO learning outcomes.” 4. The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Sakibaev K.SH .: competence matrix. competence map. Attended by more than 158 employees. In the second day of the seminar members of the four departments of the MMF we are actively working on drawing up maps of competences. Developed PO in its disciplines. As a result of this workshop, our employees get an idea of the PLO (General education program) and actively participated in the development of RA objectives (learning outcomes) and competency card.