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Military attache of Indian embassy held a meeting with students from India

In conference hall of the medical clinic of Osh State University, meeting of students from India of the international medical faculty took place with Colonel  Ranjan Malik, millitary attache of indian embassy. Attache expressed huge gratitude to the management of university, for creation of special conditions for foreign students, for receiving quality education and optimization of the management over them. Colonel Ranjan Malik, paid much attention to  safety of students, urged them not to violate rules of stay in the Kyrgyz Republic, if necessary to contact the management of faculty. Students asked many questions from the military attache and also noted positive dynamics of the relations, attention from the management and teachers of newly formed International medical faculty. After a 2-hours meeting, the dean of International medical faculty Kalmatov R. K. acquainted the colonel Ranjan Malik with the course of construction of the new educational campus for foreign students, and expressed confidence in that, the next meeting will be held in the new building. In turn, the attache once again expressed invaluable gratitude, to the rector of university Professor Isakov K.A., for an invaluable contribution to improvement of conditions of training and raising on the new level of the bilateral relations between two countries.