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Mutual visits and open lessons with the participation of representatives of the Department of Accreditation and Quality of Osh State University at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Normal Physiology

In the period from 14 to 16 November 2018, according to the order of the rector of Osh State University (No. 774 dated 08.25.18), representatives of the working commission from the Department of Accreditation and Quality at Osh State University A. Sultanova, G. Sooronbaeva, Chairman of the UMM MMF R. Ajimamatov accompanied practical training of new assistants and translated teachers of the department of anatomy, histology and normal physiology of the international medical faculty. New teaching assistants – M.Abdyraimova, A.Abzhaparova and Asanbek K. Kanymgul held open lessons with the use of various teaching methods and students’ knowledge control. The translated teachers – A.Kirgizbaeva, K.Kozuev, A.Ergeshova, associate professor S.Dzholdubaev also demonstrated teaching methods using English language skills. The commission members paid special attention to the method of organizing and conducting the lesson, the quality of the development of teaching and learning materials – the work program, the syllabus and the outline of the lesson. In the course of the open lesson, the contestants tried to apply various teaching methods, demonstrated the ability to solve problems in non-standard situations, and the skills of designing the necessary educational and methodical documentation. During the inspection the head. Department, PhD, Associate Professor. K. Sakibaev was demonstrated by the PLO in the specialty “560001 – medical business” (GM), the long-term plans of the department were also discussed with the members of the commission. At the end of the examination by the members of the commission, the classes of each participant were discussed, their results were summed up, and the advantages and disadvantages were noted. The members of the commission also expressed their wishes for improving the organization and conduct of classes, recommended constantly working on themselves, at improving the quality of teaching through continuous professional development in pedagogy and the specialty.