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Olympiad in Russian Language

On January 18, 2019 at the faculty of IMF Russian language Olympiad was held. In order to consolidate of the materials on the Russian language and according Academic plan of the Russian language section in the Department of SHD. Form of the Olympiad full-time, in 3 rounds. Participated 18 students of the 1st year. Reached the final 6 students including 2 students from group 1eng -4a Sidika Mahesh and group 1eng-8b Vaishak won I the -place. II place won student of 1eng-3b Aman Soni, a student of group 1eng-5B, Anirut Singh. III place won student of 1eng-5B Rahul Sonauli, a student of group 1eng-5a Shuban Busy. During the Olympiad, students showed their activity and interest to the Russian language.