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Postgraduate Student of the department of “Clinical Disciplines “.

23.12.19, 23.12.19 Postgraduate Student (2) of the department of “Clinical Disciplines 2” MMF OSGU ABJAMILOVA ZH. A. Provided a report on the works done for the 2018-2019 academic year, where she had the opportunity to demonstrate the results of the analysis and the process of her own research.
In addition, the teachers of the department listened to the reports of new candidates (Tursunova v. D., abdirasulova zh. A.) who this year are enrolled in postgraduate studies of osh state university.
After each presentation, the teachers asked questions that postgraduate students answered on their dissertation topics. Further, recommendations were proposed to be taken into account during further research, as they provide postgraduate students with rich practical material, the analysis of which will become part of the thesis. 👩 🎓