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Presentation of ethical codecs for students of Osh State University

The main objectives of education in Osh State University are to educate and educate a new generation of professionals that stem from the needs of the present and future development of the country. Efficiency in education depends on the interaction of the processes of education and upbringing. In order to improve the quality of students’ training, the teachers of social and humanitarian disciplines have translated the Ethical Code of Teachers and Students approved by the Osh State University scientist from Kyrgyz into English, taking into account the specifics of the students of the faculty. The chair organized a meeting with students for the presentation of the “Code of Ethics for Students”. During the presentation, students expressed their activity and asked questions of interest to them. Teachers of the department included the presentation materials on the topic “The Code of Ethics of the student” in the curator’s curriculum for the students of the Moscow State Medical Academy.