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Professor Werner Ch.Nawrocki from the University of Frankfurt, Germany plans to read the weekly lectures on rehabilitation




At the invitation of the Department of German Language FMYA in Osh State University came to a prominent scientist from Germany. According to the planned program, Professor Werner Ch.Nawrocki, met with the rector of the Osh State University, Professor KA Isakov, director of the medical clinic, assistant professor JK Muratov, and the dean of the MMF Kalmatovym RK The results of the negotiations were as follows: 1 Invite as a visitor, a professor at the November and December 2016. Consult patients need neuropsychological support. 2 considered the possibility of opening a joint laboratory for the production of burn ointment. 3 is expected to begin to work together to PhD, to MMF teachers, with trips to Germany up to 6