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Regulation on the procedure for forming the internal staff reserve of the University (project)

1. General Provisions

1. This Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic “, the Law” On the State civil service and municipal services, “state civil service and municipal service on the order of formation and functioning of the National Personnel Reserve” , “ members of the university faculty with the provisions on the procedure of holding the position of” “The two years 2019-2024, developed in accordance with the concept of development” and that provision of Osh State University’s internal staff reserve (hereinafter – the establishment and functioning of the internal reserve) determines the scope of the legal framework and of a male.

2. Internal and reserve positions in the departments of Osh State University, faculty members in order to hold and pre-organized group of candidates successfully passed the competition (reserved).

3. The goals and objectives of the formation of internal reserves are as follows:

– Create a group of departments, faculty positions reserved;

– departments, faculty able to perform the functions and features of the service professional and efficient selection of personnel;

Citizens who meet the qualification requirements – teaching position vacancy reserve selection and hiring;

– the composition of departments, faculty quality improvement; professional, innovative, creative, active teachers in the region, the University complete the upgrade, the community and the department has collected a sample of the most deserving;

– through the creation of a department teaching activities, competition, competition, constantly seeking professional development of teachers, and to ensure participation;

Expand the choice of clients – students, teachers;

– faculty services to ensure continuity and sustainability;

– The teaching profession seriously, and teachers prepare for positions of responsibility and composition;

4. The basic principles of the internal reserve:

– teacher qualification requirements in compliance with the terms of sex, race, disability, ethnic affiliation, religious beliefs, political or other opinion, origin or property status of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic in Osh filling faculty positions, and equal employment opportunity creation of internal reserve enter the same;

– the choice of competition;

– the openness, fairness and transparency;

– internal reserve candidates for inclusion in the evaluation of the professional and personal qualities of objectivity;

– competence and professionalism;

– free entry to reserve a citizen of their choice.

5. Internal enabling the creation of a reserve and provost, dean’s office of personnel management, training, and provides directors, head of departments, commissions and offers.

6. Internal reserve approved by the rector of the Osh State University.

7. Osh State University to help rezervindegilerge methodological coordination of the work on accreditation and quality of education departments, the Department implements.

2. The formation of internal reserves

8. Internal reserves are carried out by the relevant competition among candidates:

– graduation, Masters and PhD from newly graduated students;

– other operating successfully in schools, universities, kollejderde pedagogical;

– reduce the formation of structural units of the state, the state of health due to prolonged disability and teaching positions exempt individuals;

– participated in the competition for a vacant position, and those who show the best results, but the work is not adopted;

– qualification requirements to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

9. OshSU internal reserve for the introduction of competition. The Personnel Department of the university’s structural systems, each department staff is to create reserves every year in April-December, mass-media, the Web site of the University shall hang gliding. The competition is held twice a year.

10. The Commission for the introduction of internal reserve competition (hereinafter referred to as the Commission), approved by order of the quantitative and personal composition of the rector.

The introduction of an internal reserve competition for the following phases:

– documents;

– determining the theoretical competence of the teacher of computer testing;

Assessment of the ability – teaching practice;

– interview.

11. In order to participate in the first stage of the contest the following documents:

– its application;

– CV, with a photo;

– certified by a notary or certified copies of the documents confirming the basic and additional knowledge at work;

– certified by a notary or certified in the latest copy of employment record;

– copies of degrees and academic honors (if available);

– The original copy of the passport (competition).

12. On the competition for candidates to submit documents within twenty working days of the publication of the announcement.

13. The Human Resources Department with the consent of the Rector, University of candidates who wish to enter the internal reserve determine compliance to the requirements established on the basis of the study of documents and the decision on the participation of bidders testing.

14. Registration of candidates will “reserve” status, following a competitive examination stages of theoretical knowledge, teaching ability and is given only after a successful. He taught the computer test is used to determine the level of knowledge of the curriculum, teaching, psychology, and the University of the independent testing center.

A) Any questions, on subjects taught by the department tested, an independent computer program. The head of the department head, the structure and composition of the commission created educational-informational department, personnel department employees;

B) the pedagogical and psychological dependence, the computer will be tested. The composition of the Commission to improve teacher training center, educational-informational department, personnel department staff will be created;

15. The introduction of internal reserve candidates for the computer-based testing in each subject 100 and includes a question and questions are posted on the website of the University.

16. Computerized testing in the threshold value for the introduction of an internal reserve candidates in each subject are set at 70 percent of the total number of questions in the test.

17. Computer Test results are documented in the form of a protocol, and transmitted to the Commission by the Center for testing. According to the results of the magnitude of the candidates based on the results of the competition commissions formed to provide a relevant document, the academic vice-rectors. The price is lower than the threshold testing of the candidates who will be allowed to participate in the next stage of the competition.

18. Teaching ability in practice evaluation of teaching performance is used to determine the level of knowledge and skills of the candidates are assessed by the Commission, and the 100-point scale. Applicants for teaching lessons must demonstrate the ability to set up a video surveillance (University lecture course, be allowed to submit to the Commission in the form of a DVD disc). Accreditation for the composition of the commission and head of the Department of the quality of education, the head of the department, the structure is formed, educational-informational department, personnel department employees.

Candidates for graduation, Masters and PhD from the newly completed this stage of the competition, participating as an assistant to reserve one-year probation period for temporary access.

19. The next stage of the interview assessment of teaching practice and skill, is not less than the value threshold set at not less than 50% of the average price received by the candidates will be introduced. Rector of reading the interview.

20. The Commission on the results of all the stages of the competition with a simple majority vote of the members present at the meeting makes a decision on the introduction of an internal reserve candidates offer.

– Each member of the Commission’s internal reserve candidates to propose the introduction of “yes” or “no”, it can give only one vote, with the option of “fair” is prohibited.

In case of equal number of votes, the candidate is considered to be a decisive vote of the chairman of the commission.

– If the department ethnic identity, sex workers less than the number of candidates have an equal number of votes, then the commission takes a decision on the introduction of an internal reserve supply.

According to the results of the tender commission’s decision, taken without the participation of the candidate. At present at least two thirds of the members of the committee meeting is considered legitimate.

– Internal reserve, approved by order of the introduction of the rector.

21. The Personnel Department’s internal reserve will report the respective structural units, departments, and the reserve, visitors will post information on the University’s Web site.

3. Internal Reserve operating procedures

22. hold positions in the departments of the faculty of the University is carried out by the internal reserve. Not to participate in the competition, the internal reserve, citizen service department of the University can take.

23. The University’s internal pool of candidates, mandatory for personnel management sends a message to the heads of departments and publish the school’s Web site.

24. departments when there is a vacant position of the head of the department within three working days of rectors, it is obliged to provide a written statement. Rector of Education through the Department of the Interior personnel reserve, along with a notification about a vacancy in the offer document and the rectors.

25. Internal who reserve a new academic year, the department has the right training and documentation, such as teachers, students’ choice of chairs to be able to participate equally.

26. The process of selection of teachers who teach disciplines “Although the reserve is sufficient number of personnel in charge of the” teachers, students, and the head of the department is obliged to provide hours of workload.

27. OshSU arranges reserved. The head of the structure in the department reserve may refuse to participate in the following activities:

– reserve, which promotes the development of professional and personal qualities, academic seminars, conferences and workshops;

– internal quality accreditation plans included in the reserve, training and education, Department of conducting a competitive selection of candidates for the head of the department and the needs identified during the consultation or assessment study should take into account;

– are included in the reserve, with the consent of the chief of the Department of internship;

– internal reserve candidates undergo training or an internship, accreditation and quality of education, drawn up by the head of the department head of the department.

28. A reserve is required to:

1) OshSU and training courses organized by the transition;

2) Personnel Management to send the following information in writing:

– personal details change, position and place of work and education;

– Reading about the reasons for the refusal or fieldwork.

29. The Heads of Personnel Management, the structure of the department’s internal reserve ensures the availability and efficiency of the analysis is conducted.

30. The reserve reserve period is two years.

31. A reserve is issued in the internal structure of the reserve before the time specified in the following cases:

– The results of the competition on vacant positions;

Without good reason – professional training and retraining courses for the refusal;

Based on the results of participation in – training and retraining courses, rated lower than “good”;

– Kyrgyz Republic;

– Recognition by the decision of the court as incapable;

– submission of its bid.

32. Internal and reserve members of the decision will be made by the Rector and documented by the relevant document. Provision of this Act, will be presented.

In addition, the project is alımçaŋızdar suggestions by e-mail [email protected] could send before April 20.