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Scientific visit of the Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Abdikerim Kurbanaliev.

Osh State University, International Medical Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics rigged, and the Department of Physics and Mathematics Abdikerim Kurbanaliev September 4, 2017 until September 13th, on a visit to the scientific report. In 2017, the Russian city of Novosibirsk will begin on September 5, and lasted until September 8, the gas plasma and primenenie players involved in hosting international conferences, Matematiçeskoe modelirovanie process teplovıdeleniya Prix elektrodugovoy Pande and Matematiçeskoe modelirovanie elektrodugovoy Pande package OpenFOAM » that two scientific reports. As well as a conference Modelirovanie plazmennıh presided protsessov ‘scientific sections. In addition, the conference of the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian unit theoretical and applied mechanics, researchers, professors V. K. Baev, V. M. Fomin, A. F. Kurbatskiy, O. P. Solonenko, named after Peter the Great, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University professor D. Mr. V. Ivanov, Dr. K. from Japan Tucker, chatting, talking with the scientific direction about the future of cooperation were discussed. Research in the second part of the tour öttulgön. Published by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic for the 9th grade, physics, participated in the contest on the subject of educational-methodical complexes jenüuçu. The Ministry’s coordinator for the project, called Young Mambetakunov and representatives of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education Bibisara met with Bekmamatova Abdikerim Kurbanaliev For A copyright collective prepared and submitted to the ministry by teaching about the current status of the discussions of the complex. According to the information prepared by the Ministry of educational and methodical complex, was founded on the basis of a positive decision of the commission of experts and submitted in accordance with the decision of Academic Council of the National Academy of Education press dial. Ustubuzdogu October-November until the end of the school year and distributed to schools, test and complete verification, and where it was reported that. In addition, teaching the latest variant of the complex is planned to prepare the 2017-2018 school year.