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Seminar on the topic “Formation of learning outcomes and their role in building the educational process”

On October 12, teachers of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Karataev MA, Abdirayimov IS, Gaipova AA, Abdykayymova GK, took part in a seminar organized by the EdNet Foundation for Quality Assurance in Education. During the seminar, they discussed questions such as: 1) What are learning outcomes and why is it important to use them in the learning process 2) The difference between learning outcomes and competencies. 3) Learning outcomes and their relevance to the level of the educational program. 4) The specifics of the RO wording in the universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. The role in passing independent accreditation in the Kyrgyz Republic 5) Practical exercises on the formulation of learning outcomes (taking into account the competencies specified in the CRES of the HPE KR).