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From June 13 to 15, 2019, a training seminar entitled “Methodology of research work” was held in the main building of Osh State University and in the Ak-Buura recreation area. A lot of young teachers took part in it, such as Busurmankul Kyzy Meerim, Murad Kyzy Aidana – the teachers of the department of the SRS MMF. The seminar was very informative, a lot of necessary information, knowledge of writing, design and publication of articles. The main thing is the publication of articles in “Scopus”, “Web of Science”, “RISC”. The seminar was conducted by senior inspector Suyutbekova M., Dr. f. Mr. G. T. Zhamgyrchieva, Senior Lecturer, PhD student B. B. Koylubaeva under the supervision of Ph.D., Associate Professor Anarbaeva G. M.