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Strengthening the focus of the educational process.

Strengthening the focus of the educational process on the student is one of the most important trends in the development of osshgu.
20.12.19, 20.12.19 Representatives of the department of dagko a. T. Sultanova, g.a. sooronbayeva visited the classes of assistant teachers of the department of “Clinical Disciplines 2” mmf n. alimova, zh. T. Mamytova and n. anarbayeva. During the open lessons, the commission members paid special attention to the teaching technique, the quality of the development of the UMC and the level of achievement of the ro of this topic. In the end, representatives of dagko together with the head. Caf., Associate Professor M. Bugubaeva and acc themselves.- Teachers discussed every practical session, noted the advantages and disadvantages, gave appropriate recommendations, as the teacher must meet the modern requirements of the educational sphere on the competence approach.